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khadi Natural Cosmetics – nature that works!

Immerse yourself in the world of KHADI, where tradition and modernity meet.

The philosophy follows the pure teaching of Ayurveda and combines it with modern natural cosmetics: In the production of these certified natural cosmetics, the highest quality and most effective ingredients are used with the guiding principle of combining the Indian Ayurvedic tradition with modern natural cosmetics for the best effect on today's demanding customers. Therefore, not only the special recipe, but also the way of processing plays a special role for the effectiveness of the products. Manufacturing is a very complex process that is implemented according to traditional processes and German standards.

The strict guidelines are as follows:
- no animal testing
- pure natural products: no mineral oils, no chemicals
- organic cultivation and controlled wild collection of the basic products by local residents on site
- minimal packaging
- no child labor
- fair trade with the producers

Products from Khadi are partly available in India for over 40 years. Since the beginning, Khadi stands for highest competence in the field of natural products, away from fashion trends.

Khadi is a member of the BDIH ("controlled natural cosmetics").

khadi Naturprodukte