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The wellness oasis for your home

With HGT infrared heat cabins, we offer you a convincing health possibility to create an oasis of relaxation and well-being in your own home or apartment. Unlike the conventional sauna, in which the body is heated indirectly via the heat effect of the hot air, in these infrared cabins the muscles and organs are stimulated from the inside to a higher level of activity - increasing significantly the intensity and amount of perspiration!

In addition to the increased emission of toxins, the immune system is strengthened and the circulation activated without putting any strain on it. The improved blood circulation helps to restore the natural balance of the skin. The result is beautiful, soft skin.

However, in order to achieve an optimal effect of infrared heat in your body and thus to do something good for your health in the long term, essential quality criteria must be taken into account:

High-quality cedar wood
The wood of the Western Red Cedar is predestined for a high-quality infrared cabin: particularly pleasant scent, antibacterial property, very easy to care for, high thermal insulation values.

Exclusive IR-elements of type W
The unique and patented infrared heater HGTmed™ does not guarantee only a broad heat emission: the low surface temperature enables an intensive, comfortable sauna and generates a heat wave with a high PEW value that can be processed particularly effectively by the human body. Central to the therapeutic effect of infrared radiation!

In order to be able to use the full potential of the infrared radiation, the emitted intensities should be aligned on the respective treatment goal. The revolutionary system control VarioSan® guarantees continuous infrared radiation - without interruption and in exactly the intensity you want and need.

Infrared cabins in 2-front designs:
royal-classic - the classic one with a high proportion of wood
royal-elegance - the elegant one with an increased proportion of glass

Infrared Cabin

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