Hair Dye - Preparation

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Hair coloring - The right preparation for beautiful, natural color

Prepare your hair softly and gently for khadi Natural Hair Color. Before you dye your hair with Natural Hair Color by khadi, you should cleanse it and remove styling residues from your hair. Synthetic plasticizers and film formers can weigh your hair down and stick to the outer structure. This may prevent the plant-based khadi Natural Hair Color from coating your hair. For the best preparation we offer natural products that cleanse your hair thoroughly. All products are produced according to the traditional Indian healing method Ayurveda, taking into account the quality standards for controlled natural cosmetics – for a natural glossy color result with khadi Natural Hair Color.

The perfect preparation

Do you want to dye with khadi herbal hair color and prepare your hair optimally? Then treat it in advance with khadi natural cosmetics. The khadi hair masks completely remove care and styling residues, free your scalp from excess fat and dandruff and ensure that your hair perfectly absorbs the natural hair color - whether blonde, brown, red or black.

The first step to the perfect color result

An ideal preparation is the first step to a great color result. Before you get started with khadi herbal hair color, it should be free of synthetic care residues so that the khadi herbal hair color can ideally wrap around every single hair. For a brilliant color result, we therefore recommend that you wash your hair with natural shampoo beforehand and avoid using synthetic styling products. Chemical ingredients in conventional shampoos and care products can prevent the plant pigments of the hair color from attaching to the hair and thus reducing the result. khadi hair washing powder and hair masks clean hair and scalp intensively but gently. In this way, they provide brilliant color - and all that naturally!

Which hair powder is the right one?

khadi hair masks offer intensive deep cleansing. They stubborn residues and are specially developed to prepare the hair for khadi herbal hair colors.

Natural active ingredients that ideally prepare your hair

All khadi hair washing powders and hair masks are 100% natural, vegan and certified - of course without chemical additives and synthetic ingredients such as silicone and paraffins. The powders are effective and at the same time particularly well tolerated - even for allergy sufferers.

Hair Dye - Preparation

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