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Natural hair care for strong, healthy hair with Khadi!

A harmonious and silky soft feeling from the roots to the tips - with khadi natural hair care.

Feel the intense and deep care with These precious hair oils, the hair care powders, the unrefined coconut oil and the new khadi conditioner. Balance your scalp and care for your hairwith certified natural cosmetics. The special feature of khadi hair care products are the valuable active ingredients that are process in complex, traditional processes. Essential oils and healing herbs "mature" into precious essences during one of the Ayurvedic processes. These give shine and volume and care for your hair intensively - 100% natural, certified and vegan.

Natural hair care for strong hair

Hair care from nature: Spoil your hair and scalp with selected ingredients and Ayurvedic formulas - exactly tailored to your needs. Whether it's lifeless hair or a stressed scalp: khadi hair oils, conditioners and hair care powders strengthen your hair roots, repair damaged lengths and tips and prevent hair loss and premature graying. At the same time they soothe your scalp and relieve irritated and reddened skin. Your hair regains its natural resilience, feels supple and shines intensely.

For these hair care products carefully matched vegetable oils and fresh or dried herbs are used. The active ingredients are gently dissolved in a time-intensive Ayurvedic process. What remains are the highly effective essences that give khadi natural cosmetics their heavy consistency, their dark color and their natural scent.

Do you already know ... the new khadi Kokos Shikakai Conditioner? It gives silky, soft hair - 100% natural, certified and vegan. The nourishing formula with sikakai and coconut oil strengthens your hair and makes the hair combable. For beautiful, healthy, shiny hair.

Ayurvedic hair oils for shiny, healthy hair

khadi hair oils are produced according to traditional recipes using elaborate Ayurvedic methods. Effective medicinal herbs such as Amla, Bhringaraj, Brahmi, Neem, Tulsi, Bala are processed into highly effective hair oils with valuable oils such as coconut, castor oil, almond oil, carrot oil and fragrant essential oils such as rosemary oil. Ayurvedic hair oils are traditionally used in India for hair care. In Ayurvedic teaching, hair oils help against premature graying, scalp problems and hair loss. They stimulate hair growth and give healthy, strong hair.

khadi hair oil is also ideal for hair, that was dyed with khadi Natural Hair Color. Hair Oil nourishes every single strand of hair and ensures that your color stays radiant. A special hair care product is khadi coconut oil: It provides your hair with moisture, helps against hair breakage and has a regulating and regenerating effect. It makes your hair wonderfully soft and smells of fresh coconut.

100% natural, vegan and certified

khadi natural products for hair and scalp are known for their unique composition and outstanding quality. khadi hair care products are composed of unique and exclusively natural active ingredients according to traditional Ayurvedic recipes. The natural products maintain and strengthen your hair gently and sustainably, while providing silky shine and pleasant scents.

Conventional hair products often weaken the lipid coat of your scalp with silicones and paraffins, building up on your hair and making it dry. They give the hair only optical shine. khadi natural products nourish your hair structure from the inside and make your hair smooth and healthy. The natural products are suitable for every hair type. They works best if you only unse natural hair care products of your hair, for example a silicone-free shampoo or hair washing powder.

These natural products are certified as "natural cosmetics" by the independent German Federation of Industrial and Trading Companies (BDIH). This means that they are free from chemical additives and contain neither synthetic colors nor fragrances. Ayurvedic hair care is therefore ideal for sensitive hair types and irritated scalp.

Hair Care

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