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Hands and feet - our business cards

Well-cared hands and feet are for our well-being of fundamental importance. As in summer, also in winter, they are our business card, not only from an aesthetic point of view. Their health is just as important because our extremities are areas full of nerve endings and deserve regular treatment - just like our face and body.

The needs of the hands and feet are very specific, that's why they receive different care:

The hands are exposed to all weather conditions and thus to all external stimuli. They also touch, grip, work and shake other hands every day. They therefore need special care, they must always be hydrated to keep them soft and beautiful. It is important to avoid dry skin, cracks, redness, chapped nails and skin.

Feet are just as useful, but so discreet that they are sometimes forgotten. When they are healthy, they make us happy. But sore feet cause us a lot of suffering! Moisture and nutrients are therefore necessary, because the skin is often very dry, cracks occur mainly on the heels, but also callosity due to the constant friction against shoes, as well as undesirable mycoses on the nails.

Hands & Feet

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