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Your khadi Natural Hair Color

khadi Natural Hair Color gives your hair an intense yet natural color. The herbal ingredients strengthen your hair from the roots to tips. Your hair will look amazing and feel great after the application. The natural plant pigments of khadi Natural Hair Colors coat every single strand like a protective color glaze. The longer you let the dye take effect, the more intense the color becomes. khadi Natural Hair Colors have excellent coverage – even with gray and white hair. The colors range from blonde, brown, red to black.

Your khadi Natural Hair Color:

With khadi Natural Hair Color you can dye your hair permanently, dye your roots or simply create a new shade - 100% naturally and without damaging your hair structure. The khadi hair colors are available in different shades of blond, brown and black as well as in red. A lightening of the initial hair color is not possible, as the herbal hair color does not penetrate into the inside of your hair structure. It rather mixes with your initial hair tone and creates a truely individual shade.

khadi Natural Hair Color dyes your hair naturally with maximum coverage. You can even dye white or gray hair with the herbal hair colors by khadi. With every color application you give your hair deep color shine, add volume to it and care for it - 100 % natural for your health.

Herbal Hair Color that cares for your hair:

All khadi Natural Hair colors are 100% natural, vegan and certified. They don't contain any chemical additives and synthetic ingredients such as silicone, ammonia and peroxide. They are developed according to European cosmetics standards and produced according to traditional Ayurvedic methods.

The herbal hair colors are made with plants and herbs only. During the production, the pigments are extracted from the plants in a complex, multi-step process. These natural pigmets dye your hair effectively and gently.

Hair Dye - Natural Hair Color

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