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Dermaroller to increase absorption of active ingredients

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The Inoiv Yeé Skin Roller removes old skin cells, deposits and blockages from the top layer of skin with its tiny microneedles. The skin is thus optimally prepared for the subsequent application of a Yeé ampoule treatment.

Through the minimal micro-channels created by using the Skin Roller, powerful active ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin and unfold their effect there.

The microneedles also stimulate regeneration processes in the skin, which ensure a 200 to 1000 times higher absorption of active ingredients.

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0.5mm skin roller
Enhances the absorption of active ingredients
Ideal in combination with Yeé products
Creates a clear, pure complexion

The Yeé Skin Roller is perfect for enhancing the effectiveness of all Yeé ampoules. You can use the needling roller several times because the microneedles only penetrate the top layer of skin and do not leave any injuries.

Step 1:
Cleanse your face with your favorite cleansing product.

Step 2:
Now run over your skin with only slight pressure. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, first 2-3 times horizontally, then also in a vertical and diagonal direction. Pay attention to even movements and make sure that the roller head does not come too close to the eye and lip area.

Step 3:
Your skin will now be slightly reddish because the microneedles create the smallest microchannels in your skin, which are necessary to increase the absorption of the active ingredient.

Step 4:
Once you have treated all skin areas, rinse the roller head under running water and put the skin roller back in the packaging for storage.

Step 5:
Then you apply your preferred Yeé ampoule treatment to your face. The active ingredients can now penetrate your skin particularly well and develop their optimal effect.

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Yeé - Skin Roller