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Odaban Antitranspirant - Spray

Odaban Antitranspirant Spray


Excessive sweating? Care-free throughout the day, gentle and effective

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Excessive sweating can be really stressful and embarrassing and can lead to discomfort, odour and conspicuous staining of clothes.

ODABAN® Antitranspirant Spray is gentle and effective, offering 24-hour protection for most areas of the body.

ODABAN®’s unique, hermetically sealed pump spray helps prevent product degradation and its precise and constant dose avoids over application. Providing too much is, in fact, one of the main reasons why antiperspirants can be irritating to the skin.

Whether making an important business presentation or holding hands on a date, no matter the ambient temperature, ODABAN® will bring you freedom to concentrate, and of course, a new found confidence!

ODABAN® contains a tried and tested formulation of 20% aluminium chloride in a silicone and pure alcohol base. ODABAN® is suitable for all skin types and with its unique formulation and packaging delivers a suitable amount to help protect against excessive sweating without undue irritation.

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For all skin types.

against heavy sweating, sweat smell, sweat stains
fast effect (usually after 1-2 applications)
effect is produced by astringency
20% aluminum chloride as a skin-friendly active ingredient complex
lasts about 6 months

100 percent odor-free (odorless)
skin-friendly (suitable for all skin types)
without side effects
does not cause allergies
no greenhouse gas
no fragrances
prevents possible skin irritation
can be used with any other deodorant and perfume can also be used for other skin areas (forehead, neck, back, etc.)

ODABAN®-Spray must ONLY be applied at bedtime, when relaxed.

It is very important the skin is perfectly dry before application. ODABAN® Spray must be applied sparingly; one spray is usually sufficient.

Women and those with sensitive skins should always apply ODABAN® Spray indirectly with a cotton wool pad. The skin must be washed the following morning; other products are unnecessary but can then be applied without interaction.

Men’s skin is generally thicker than women’s and the presence of underarm hair will also help protect their skin from over application with ODABAN® Spray. One or two sprays can therefore be applied (from about 10cms) directly to the central armpit area. Any excess application can be absorbed with a tissue.

Most users of ODABAN® Spray will find they achieve the protection they have been looking for within a few applications, however, it may be necessary to continue with nightly applications until the problems are resolved. Once protection is attained, try to gradually reduce the number of weekly applications, often one or two applications is all that is required.

It is important to apply ODABAN® Spray only to areas of excessive wetness, do not apply to large skin areas and do not apply to mucous membranes or broken skin. 

Frequency of application with ODABAN® will often vary with each individual, just take your time and gradually reduce the rate and amount of product used to achieve and then maintain protection.

ODABAN® is especially formulated for individuals with excessive perspiration, however, anyone can use Odaban, especially if looking for protection that can last up to a week.

Alcohol denat, Aluminium Chloride, PEG-12 Dimethicone

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Odaban Antitranspirant Spray

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