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Odaban Antiperspirant - discreet and reliable help against sweating!

Sweating doesn't have to be - thousands of people have found the ODABAN product line to be an effective solution to numerous problems caused by sweating. Heavy sweating, a strong smell of sweat, under arm wetness and the smell of sweaty feet. This is finally a thing of the past thanks to ODABAN products. The products against heavy sweating are recommended by dermatologists, pharmacists and doctors all over the world.

NO to sweating - YES to quality of life

The ODABAN products are so effective that you regain new self-confidence and more joie de vivre with a well-groomed appearance.

Even though sweating is a natural process that is harmless to health, those affected usually find it very annoying. Visible sweat stains make you feel like you're being watched by others. Sweaty feet and foot odor lead to unpleasant and embarrassing situations when you take off your shoes. But that can now finally be over. Because the products from ODABAN regulate heavy sweating and thus prevent sweat odors in a gentle and effective way.

The practical ODABAN Spray is applied preventively and in a minimal dosage directly to the affected skin areas in the evening before going to bed. Sweating is effectively regulated after just one application and is also kind to the skin. There's a result of up to 90% less perspiration after only three applications. In addition, the effectiveness of the ODABAN spray has also been dermatologically tested and confirmed by a renowned institute.

The ODABAN Foot and Shoe Powder offers active protection against annoying foot odor. The natural ingredients have a germ-reducing effect on the bacteria and fungi that are considered to be the triggers for foot and shoe odor. Feet and shoes remain free of annoying odors for a long time.

Odaban Antitranspirant

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