Herbs - Chamomile

Rausch Swiss Herbal Hair Care Line for Healthy Hair with Chamomile

RAUSCH Swiss Herbal CARE LINE - healthy hair with chamomile

Prerequisite for healthy, beautiful hair is the scalp. It is the breeding ground and needs special care. With a healthy scalp with optimal blood circulation, hair can be revealed in its full splendour.

Typical of healthy, beautiful hair is a smooth surface, which is made up of a layer of countless imbricate cells (cuticula). This is necessary so light can be reflected evenly thus giving hair its radiance.

Chamomile has been widely used in folk medicine for centuries and is one of the most applied and best-known medical plants. Thanks to its valuable active ingredients, chamomile has a calming, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. It provides gentle, rebalancing care for the scalp, alleviates redness and prevents irritations.

RAUSCH Swiss Herbal CARE LINE, among other things, with chamomile:
- with pure natural Swiss herbal extracts
- gives your hair more volume and hold
- revitalizes the scalp, strengthens hair
- with a pleasant fresh scent

Herbs - Chamomile

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