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Rausch - herbal competence since 1890

RAUSCH has trusted the power of herbs since 1890. The company founder, Josef Wilhelm Rausch, a German master coiffeur (1867-1935), already created his hair tonics and shampoos using highly effective herbal extracts and was promoted to purveyor to the court of the royal house of Hohenzollern. Rausch is recognized as the inventor of the first liquid hair soap: „Champooing“.

In 1949 Josef Baumann-Widmer (1902-1978) purchased the small cosmetic plant and dedicated his efforts to expansion. In 1968 support arrived both in-house and in sales in the form of his son, Marco Baumann, who, from an early age had helped with the herb harvesting and in the production. Today, his son Lucas Baumann, is taking responsibility as CEO for the cosmetic company and its 164 employees. Thus the future of the family-owned company is secured.

The unique company philosophy remains the same: “The power of herbs for skin and hair”. With their 87 herbal and plant ingredients in the form of extracts, tinctures and oils, RAUSCH guarantees the greatest possible percentage of natural active ingredients in their products. 43 extracts are produced in-house using their own gentle extraction processes. Hair is the expression of personality and natural charisma. Beautiful and healthy hair is the primary concern of the traditional family business. RAUSCH combines centuries-old herbal knowledge passed down from the monasteries with the most modern scientific methods and state-of-the-art technology.