Rausch Heartseed Sensitive Line Highly Sensitive Irritated Skin Scalp

RAUSCH Heartseed SENSITIVE LINE - highly sensitive scalp and skin

Feeling totally comfortable in one’s own skin is often wishful thinking for people who suffer from allergies or dermatitis. Reddened, itchy and flaky skin makes every day a challenge.

RAUSCH has researched and developed a unique line of skin and hair care products specifically for the needs of highly sensitive, irritation-prone skin and scalp. It is based on an active herbal ingredient from the heartseed, which is referred to as a “phyto-cortisone”. The RAUSCH Heartseed SENSITIVE LINE hypoallergenic has been tested and certified according to the strict guidelines of the Swiss Allergy Service.

- eases redness and irritation
- relaxes and moisturizes
- no colorants
- allergy tested, dermatologically and clinically approved

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