Rausch Ginseng-Caffeine Products against Hair Loss Clinically Proven

RAUSCH Ginseng CAFFEINE-Line - in case of Hair Loss

Hairs have a limited lifespan (max. 5-7 years). Natural hair loss has to occur so new hairs can grow. Extreme hair loss (alopecia) is when more than 80 to 100 hairs fall out per day.

The optimal combination of herb and plant extracts and caffeine improves the hair structure - after only a few washes, the hair is already stronger and has more suppleness. RAUSCH Ginseng CAFFEINE LINE promotes hair growth to treat hair loss.

Clinically proven effectiveness
After using HAIR TINCTURE, and Ginseng SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER for 18 weeks, hair growth had improved by up to 28%, furthermore it was proven that up to 44% fewer hairs were in the resting phase (telogen phase) – hence further hair loss was actively prevented. Already after 6 weeks the test persons confirmed their hair strength had significantly improved. All users were elighted with the effect.


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