Wild Life for Men

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Lust for Life – Wild Life!

In the merciless urban jungle, a skincare series like Wild Life for Men can easily save your skin – with adventurous and regenerating extracts of Tiger Grass and Witch Hazel. Even male skin needs care and protection from time to time. Tiger grass extract supports the skin’s elasticity and tightness and enhances its regeneration process. Even the Bengal tigers of Madagascar and India know of the tiger grass effect – when injured, they roll around in the leaves to promote the wound healing process.

Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera provide moisture and ensure a refreshed and relaxed complexion. Fairtrade organic Argan Oil has an oil-restoring effect and provides the hair and skin with elasticity. Witch Hazel supports the skin’s natural balance.

Attention to users of computers, tablets, cell phones etc.: Butterfly Bush offers the best anti-blue light protection against damage caused by blue screen light. The fresh tangy scent of Lemongrass guarantees a perfect start into the day – or night.

Wild Life for Men

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