We Reduce!

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WE REDUCE! – all you need is less!

In this minimalistic WE REDUCE! range, i+m goes one step further to help the environment by abstaining from unnecessary plastic, packaging and water as an ingredient – whilst maintaining consistently high quality standards. The i+m WE REDUCE! range focuses on minimalism instead of abundance – waterless, plastic-free and reduced to the max!

Waterless natural cosmetics are practical and protect the environment on many levels.

plastic free
Minimal packaging in WE REDUCE! products are used. Grass paper for the most part, avoiding plastic altogether.

less waste
By using recycled packaging materials in reduced quantities, unnecessary packaging waste is avoided.

reduce to the max
The basic product range provides you with all the essentials you need, alongside making a statement against the rampant oversupply on our cosmetics shelves.

We Reduce!

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