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Linie URBAN DETOX - moisturizing, revitalizing, energizing, preventing wrinkles

URBAN DETOX is a skin care designed for a target group of women and men who live in metropolises.

ANTI-POLLUTION - When the skin is particularly exposed to the smog and fine particles, typical of chaotic cities, when it is stressed by everyday life and dehydrated, the solution is Urban Detox! The Collection’s products have a preventive action aimed at protecting the skin from smog, fine dust and infrared light. At the same time they also have a curative action, tackling dryness by detoxifying and purifying the skin.

This combination of serums, masks and creams regenerates and oxygenates the skin using rich and harmonious compositions of antioxidant, detoxifying and repairing complexes.

Detox Lifting Cream: Detoxifying & Anti-Aging
Crystal Serum: Revitalizing & Restructuring
Probiotic Ice Serum: Balancing & Repairing
Urban Shield Serum: Purifying & Protective
Superfruit Mask: Energizing, Detox & Antioxidant

Urban Detox

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