Peclavus PODO med Ozone Cream 15ml

    Peclavus PODO Med Ozone Cream


    Promotes healing processes in case of irritated skin

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    The peclavus PODOmed Ozone Cream is ideal for promoting healing processes if the skin is irritated, especially in the nail fold.

    It's also suited for spraying tamponades. The cream is antibacterial, stimulates tissue growth and liquefies when warmed by skin's natural heat, allowing it to penetrate deeper.

    Peclavus PODO med Ozoncreme is based on natural Olive Oil enriched with biologically available Ozone.

    for feet | 100% vegan

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    Specific References


    dry skin, diabetic skin, stressed skin, normal skin

    in case of sores, cracks, calluses, skin irritations:

    wound healing, stimulating, germ-inhibiting, irritation-balancing

    Carefully coat affected skin areas with the spatula.

    100% extra virgin olive oil enriched with ozone

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    Peclavus PODO Med Ozone Cream