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Orofluido - introducing The Original Mindful Ritual™ by Revlon

Discover the new Orofluido™. A wellness journey in which our one-of-a-kind golden Argan Oil becomes the essence to provide self-care from head to toe.

The Essence of Beauty
Today, beauty lies in the moments where we can slow down and reconnect with our own essence. Orofluido™, now part of Revlon Professional, introduces The Original Mindful Ritual™. A wellness journey in which our one-of-a-kind golden argan oil becomes the essence to provide you self-care from head to toe. It is an invitation to sense mindful beauty and reconnect with yourself with products for hair and body infused with argan oil. That’s what we call the Essence of Beauty.

The Essence: precious Argan Oil
Richness coming from the seeds of the tree of beauty. Organic, fair trade, and cold-pressed argan oil. The preciousness of this unique ingredient is present in all Orofluido argan oil haircare and body products.

Awaken Your Senses Drop by Drop
Highly sensorial and aromatic. Orofluido’s signature fragrance boosts self-confidence and evokes a positive state of mind to relish a holistic and mindful wellbeing sensation.

A Head-to-Toe Wellness Journey
Orofluido offers a holistic moment of care for your hair, body and mind. Feel the argan oil haircare’s richness with Orofluido’s sensorial textures and high-performing vegan hair product formulas. For a feeling of ultimate wellbeing, finish your holistic ritual by honoring your body and caring for your skin.


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