Mix & Match

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Individual combinations always work too!

The Mix & Match range from i+m NATURKOSMETIK allows greater scope for diverse skin types. How? All Mix & Match products can be freely combined, including with products from other ranges. They provide an excellent complement to all products designed for specific skin types – bringing their own special properties for an enhanced skin care regime.

The perfect solution is a range for individualists!

Anything is possible when it comes to different skin types. Some can be pretty demanding at times. Others just need occasional cleansing care. A few turn out to be highly sensitive. And many need a bit of everything at different times. A uniform skin type? Now that’s a rarity.

Mix & Match products add the perfect personalised skin-care to any i+m range. This ingenious design allows you to customise your skin-care routine for your individual requirements – anytime and anywhere. Its products intentionally do things a bit differently.

Mix & Match

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