Body - Body Shape Lifting

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Body Treatment with Lifting Effect - shapes the legs, firms the buttocks, sculpts the forms!

BODY SHAPE LIFTING is a new beauty treatment for the body that combines the most advanced and innovative cosmetic technologies with very precious vegetal natural active ingredients from the Swiss Alps - from Swiss research.

Natural, organic, rich of precious natural vegetal active substances. BODY SHAPE LIFTING has a formula with a mix of complex cosmetic ingredients of a new generation such as
- Stem Cell Complex®
- Hydralyse Complex®
- Fosfagen Bio Complex®
- Helix Fito Bio Complex®

encapsulated in chains of cyclic oligosaccharides that ensure a controlled and focused release on the target cells responsible for the imperfections of the woman’s body.

Completely natural cosmetics, based on medicinal herbs and alpine plants. These cosmetics do not contain parabens, formaldehyde, added preservatives, mineral oil or paraffin. Not tested on animals, they are produced in full respect of environment and nature according to high level quality standards under stringent quality controls.

For beauty and well-being - leaving no desires unfulfilled.

Swiss Quality.

Body - Body Shape Lifting

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