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Line N [certified natural and organic skin care] - Be the Change!

We need to think, feel and act differently... Many of us have recognised the necessity to live more sustainably and be more economical with resources so as to preserve the natural environment.

The good news is: we can start with ourselves and be part of the change. Every day. Are you looking for a daily skin care routine that is at one with nature and allows you to live responsibly? This is exactly why the third generation Line »N« was created.

Line »N« polaroid – In harmony with nature
As certified natural and organic cosmetics, the third generation Line »N« reflects a new, sustainable approach for skin care products, including ingredients, packaging and recyclability. It is an expression of conscious respect for natural resources, the environment and animals.

Discover a range of natural and organic cosmetics with gentle, natural and dermatologically beneficial ingredients. It is perfect for users of any age, whose top priorities are sustainability and a love of nature.

Line »N« polaroid – GreenTec Concept EN

There are eight minimalist formulas with precious, botanical ingredients and delicate, natural fragrances that feature excellent nourishing properties and are compatible with most skin types.

These products have been carefully developed in accordance with the DR.BELTER® GreenTec Concept®.

The DR.BELTER® GreenTec Concept® is the guiding principle behind the development and production of the DR.BELTER® COSMETIC care lines. It stands for the brand’s scientifically-based, environmentally-conscious approach and includes the implementation of the ideas and ideals of organic cosmetics.
- 99 – 100% ingredients of natural origin
- free from animal ingredients
- with organic raw ingredients that are fair trade where possible
- free from microplastics
- free from mineral oil and silicone oil
- free from palm oil as a base substance

The formulas and packaging of Line »N« have been developed according to the COSMOS natural & organic guidelines. They comply with the strict criteria for the sustainable production of natural cosmetic products.

Sustainable in every respect – our packaging and recycling concepts...

The pollution of the seas due to plastic particles is one of the most pressing environmental problems of our time. Every year, tons of waste continue to end up in our oceans. Currently around 18,000 pieces of plastic of various sizes can be found in every square kilometre of the water’s surface. We need to act now to change this!

DR.BELTER® has set the goal of being sustainable to the last detail – packaging and recycling concepts are just as important as the natural ingredients:
Most of the Line »N« packaging consists of 100% PCR post-consumer recyclate. When selecting the individual elements, recyclability was also considered, meaning that wherever possible single-origin packaging components have been chosen that achieve high recycling quotas and do not end up in the ocean.

OWP – a combination of many great things!
Will your purchase rid the ocean in Indonesia of plastic? Yes, it will!

The Line »N« packaging bears the Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) seal. That means that for every packaging element we use, exactly the same amount of plastic waste is fished out of the rivers and seas in Indonesia and is recycled in the country. The plastic that is fished out is first sorted, then cleaned and finally turned into granulate, which can be used to make new products.

Line N

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