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Dr. Belter Line A Cosmetics Products Treatment Impure Skin

Freshness and Active Skin Solutions for Impure Skin!

Many young people and adults suffer from very seborrhoic skin with a clear tendency to the development of acne. This problematic skin type is influenced by internal metabolism factors (e.g. puberty, hormone imbalance). These internal factors cannot be altered by cosmetic treatment.

However, the consequences of the process of metabolism can be successfully treated with special cosmetic methods and products. Examples: excess production of sebum, excessively oily skin, development of blemishes, strong growth of acne bacteria and the resulting fatty acids, leading to inflammation of the sebaceous glands, must be consistently and carefully reduced and normalised by way of regular treatment.

"Line A" offers special and very effective products to ensure gentle, effective treatment of this complex skin type. The products have been selected and combined with most care.

Used regularly in home care and in professional cosmetic treatments, these special products will lead to visible improvement.

Line A

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