Intensa-Med Derm-A-ReNew

Intensa-Med Derm-A-ReNew AHA Fluid 10% & AHA OleoSerum 10%

Derm-A-ReNew - skin renewal with fruit acids

Fruit acids as peelings are a natural, effective and time-tested means of successfully treating problem skin and premature skin aging.

The skin renewal cure at the beautician's with the Dr. Belter composition of pure glycolic acid and natural fruit extracts can mean a new beginning for the skin and alleviate the signs of the past.

The professional cure system for skin renewal with fruit acid offers an individual care concept for different skin problems in the institute and at home.

- refined pores and regulation of keratinization
- reduction of scars, wrinkles and spots
- regeneration of naturally rejuvenated skin
- skin with increased tone and turgor

Fruit acids also called AHA acids (designation = alpha hydroxy acids) have keratolytic properties, i.e. they loosen the cohesion of the individual skin cells and thus ensure a more intensive effect than conventional peelings.

The Dr. Belter Intensa-Med Derm-A-ReNew fruit acid system also offers special preparations for at home: AHA Fluid 10% and AHA OleoSerum 10% for home care. The products can be used as a cure or integrated into the cosmetic treatment as a special peeling.

The fruit acid treatment is recommended for lines, wrinkles, scars and spots for at least 6 to 10 weeks, once a week. To accompany the cure outside of the treatments at home, use one of the two Dr. Belter Intensa-Med Derm-A-ReNew home care products, depending on your skin type. These replace your night care during the cure.

For further support, the skin needs regenerative preparations and during the day the Dr. Belter Sun Protection Face Elixir SPF 30 high protection during the skin renewal process.

Intensa-Med Derm-A-ReNew

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