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The ultra-sensitive product line - relaxation and well-being for the hypersensitive skin!

Hypersensitive skin results from an imbalance in skin functions. Due to a weakened defence system, it easily shows symptoms as irritation, redness (erythema), tension or itchiness. Hypersensitive skin can have many different causes: stress, environmental factors, diseases, such as a tendency of neurodermatitis and unsuitable skin care can all trigger overreactions in our skin.

Hypersensitivity is by no means limited to a specific skin type. In general, however, fair-skinned people with thin, dry skin and blond or reddish hair are especially affected. Furthermore, temporary circumstances, such as an oncological treatment, a post-surgery phase or certain intense cosmetic treatments can make the skin more vulnerable and sensitive.

„Capricious“ skin definitely affects our sense of well-being. That is why this skin type demands special consideration for skin care.

The products of Dr. Belter Intensa-Med are specifically designed to soothe and improve the condition of sensitive skin. They are formulated to:
- the patented biomimetic formula basis – restores the lipid barrier
- they are mostly free of perfume and colorants
- selected plant extracts calm and strengthen the skin
- they are free of preservatives according to the EU cosmetics directive.


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