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HGT Infrared Cabins - here the heart beats for infrared

HGT has been engaged in infrared cabins for over 30 years. A wealth of experience that enables the production of the highest quality and most functional infrared cabins.

The perfect infrared cabin - the 3-pillar principle:
Relaxing sauna, effective deep heat and beneficial inhalation. 3 functions in one and perfectly coordinated.

Taking a sauna:
Circulatory-friendly low-temperature technology for the whole family. Indescribably gentle and extremely effective. The HGTmed™-element, which is installed exclusively in HGT Royal Cabins, emits exactly the type of infrared radiation that is produced by our own body. Therefore it's particularly safe and can be processed effectively. Thanks to its ability to stimulate natural body functions, it also has an excellent therapeutic effect!

Having a therapy:
Uninterrupted infrared radiation and precisely coordinated therapy programs, specially developed for the patented HGTmed™ low-temperature deep heat. Thanks to the unique control, on the one hand the intensities given can be aligned with the respective treatment goal, on the other hand fully automatic programs can be run through! This means that your cabin is always set with the most effective infrared intensities!

Experience with the inhalation system the particularly mild climate of the micro-fine cold atomization of pure water. As well es effective plant extracts and healing brine inhalation. The biological active ingredients produce different effects depending on the type of plant. For example stimulation & vitality, relaxation & calming or skin care. The concentrated iodine brine from Central Europe's strongest natural healing spring provides a very special experience. The effect can be felt both in and on the body!

You experience the unique and highest feeling of physical and psychological well-being every day in an infrared cabin by HGT. Your very own personal experience at a high level!

All infrared saunas are supplied with (and thus included in the price!:

the VarioSan®-Automatic (!) control
the patented HGTmed™ low-temperature infrared elements
the high-quality cedar wood (Western Red Cedar)
the fully integrated audio system
an ergonomically shaped backrest and
the starlight.

In addition, they can of course be equipped with attractive accessories such as the exclusive atmoSan™-inhalation-system, hand-sewn comfort cushions, additional backrests and the colorSan™-color light therapy.

HGT Infrared Cabins

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