Hands and More

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It’s in your hands (and feet)!

The Hands and More series offers the extra portion care for a fine touch. With regular use the lipid replenishing agents will help your skin to regenerate itself, it will prevent callus and will care for delicate and soft skin for your FEET and HANDS. The high quality organic Argan and Olive oils make for very soft hands and Shea Butter for long lasting moisturization.

The strengthening NAIL OIL with regenerative Vitamine E and selected agents from soya, almond and hemp provides an extra portion care. Stressed feet will be caressed by our foot cream with ginseng and witch hazel. Ginseng, also known as „the root of life“ in Asia, has an revitalizing and strengthening effect on your feet. Embedded in a formula of moisturizing Aloe Vera and Vitamine E, Ginseng makes for equally strong and soft feet. Witch Hazel supports the natural balance of the skin.

Hands and More

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