Dr. Belter Bio-Classica Anti-Aging Skin Care Beauty Products

Innovative, Promedical & Effective - Natural Silk Care: where Organic meets Medical Beauty!

"Bio-Classica" is a Green Tee care line for the demanding woman, who wishes to have effective, tailored skin care with visible results, but at the same time supporting ideas of green, fair and sustainable consumption.

The innovative formulas from our own research and development laboratories combine aspects of organic cosmetics, such as the use of raw materials from controlled biological cultivation, fair trade when available, with highly effective promedical active ingredients. The formulations of the "BioClassica" preparations consider and counteract the physiological processes of ageing. Valuable active substances like the biomimetic DLS, Vegan Silk-Proteins, the Glucolift Complex, and Hyaluronic Acid are used to support the skin's vital functions, strengthen its resistance and safeguard its youthful radiance.

"Bio-Classica" products are formulated in accordance with the DR.BELTER® Green Tee Concept: without mineral oil, silicone oil, parabens, PEG, palm oil as raw material and animal ingredients!


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