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Apeiron Herbal Mouth Oil

Apeiron Auromère Herbal Mouth Oil


Best care and cleaning of the oral cavity

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The Apeiron Auromère Herbal Mouth Oil is a particularly mild, alcohol-free, highly effective care product designed for the so-called "oil extraction".

The composition of pure, high-quality oils from Neem, Sesame, Sage, Clove, Cardamom-, Cinnamon and Anise guarantees a broad effective spectrum:

Its application provides optimum care for the oral cavity, teeth and sensitive, damaged gums and supports the natural functions of the oral mucosa. The high-quality oils develop a pleasant fresh taste and counteract plaque and caries-causing bacteria.

Regular oil extraction strengthens and tightens the gums. As a positive side effect, facial muscles are trained, the tissue is better supplied with blood and positive energy flows are activated in the body.

For the complete care of your oral health. Developed in cooperation with dentist & pharmacist.

The alcohol-free Apeiron Herbal Mouth Oil is also very suitable for children.


Specific References

  • Rinse your mouth every morning before brushing your teeth.
  • Pull, gargle and chew the oil through interdental spaces, oral cavity and cheek pouches so that it mixes with the saliva and can absorb pollutants and bacteria.
  • Then spit it out and rinse with warm water.
  • The remaining oil film prevents new germs from settling quickly.

Note: Regular oil pulling strengthens and tightens the gums.

  • mild, without alcohol
  • with a wide range of effects
  • optimal cleaning and care of the oral cavity, teeth and sensitive gums
  • supports the natural functions of the oral mucosa
  • prevents replication of germs
  • strengthens and tightens the gums
  • also suitable for children

Sesamum indicum oil*, Salvia officinalis oil*, Pimpinella anisum oil, Eugenia caryophyllus oil, Melia azadirachta seed oil, Cinnamomum cassia oil, Elettaria cardamomum oil Limonene**, Linalool**, Cinnamal**, Cinnamyl alcohol**, Eugenol**

* from certified organic agriculture
** from natural essential oils

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