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Foot - SPA Treatment

SPA Treatment - with Alpines Herbs!

Mavex developed the first foot beauty and wellness line: SPA TREATMENT ALPINES HERBS.

All the extraordinary power of nature and mountains enclosed in an infinitely delicate treatment, capable not only to heal and protect, but also of giving a deep sense of balance to body and mind. A rich concentrate of precious natural active ingredients:
- Medicinal herbs and alpine plants
- Salt crystals

Without parabens, formaldehyde, added preservatives, mineral oil or paraffin. Products are not tested on animals and are manufactured in full respect of the environment and of nature.

The strength and the effects of the alpine nature of the Mavex Spa Treatment can be immediately perceived:
- Helps to improve microcirculation and skin oxygenation
- Regenerates the skin barrier
- Moisturizes in depth with a long-lasting effect
- Nourishes the skin with precious natural substances
- Refreshes, deodorizes and regulates perspiration
- Donates a marvelous sensation of lightness and well-being

A new wellness ritual, an extraordinary sensorial journey into the colors and the reflexes of the purest and uncontaminated nature while body and mind are enveloped by extraordinary and suggestive balsamic fragrances.

Welcome to the Alpine Nature ....