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Zizania BioBotanica

Zizania BioBotanica - Swiss Natural Cosmetics Online Shop CH

ZiZAN!A natural cosmetics Swiss Made - this is the botanical revolution!

Endless lists of unpronounceable ingredients, dull formulas, low concentrations of active ingredients and lots of plastic packaging. The time for traditional cosmetics is over!

The CleanBeauty movement offers an alternative: sustainable beauty products, modern and attractive textures and minimal packaging. All without compromising on quality - full transparency and high concentrations of active ingredients!

On an organic farm in the Swiss mountains, we're surrounded by more than 450 species and varieties of plants. They feed us and heal us and provide all we need for our lives. The respect for them is too much to throw anything away: plant leftovers are upcycled into precious ingredients for natural cosmetics.

ZiZAN!A Naturkosmetik meets all skin care needs, whether it's to moisturize, nourish, cleanse or protect.

Swiss Clean Beauty - Developed in Switzerland with local ingredients!

Upcycled Plants - Precious ingredients upcycled from organic garden to avoid food waste!

Vegan - Cruelty free and no animal ingredients!

We Care - Sustainable, minimal and recyclable packaging

Zizania BioBotanica