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RAUSCH Wheatgerm NOURISHING LINE - protection and moisture for dry hair

Dry, brittle and very curly hair easily seems strawlike and matt. If the sebaceous glands are not functioning adequately, not enough protective and conditioning lipids are being produced to give hair smoothness, elasticity and shine.

The reasons could be using strong degreasing products, sun, wind, too hot hair drying, hormonal fluctuations, one-sided nutrition or a low fat diet. Often people with natural curls are subject to dry hair.

Wheatgerm extract and wheat bran are rich in proteins and in vitamins B and E. They contain natural lipids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They moisturize, impart suppleness and protect against drying out.

- regenerates and strengthens dry hair
- gives new elasticity, smoothness and shine
- conditions dry hair and moisturizes
- dry, stressed scalp is regenerated and strengthened with a unique nutritional treatment


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