vleur Organic Cosmetics Anti-Aging

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vleur - What makes it so special - 100% Active Ingredients / 0% Water

The skin is the biggest organ of the human being and we surround ourselves with this delicate and protective cover.

Yet, environmental impact, stress, UV-radiation and aging-processes irritate its natural beauty and its ability to revitalize / regenerate. Today vleur – anti-aging skincare enables us to effectively meet such development. Based on intense research and on the implementation of innovative scientific insight vleur pursues a totally new path in skincare. Thus, vleur – anti-aging cosmetics is completely without the usual addition of water (aqua) in skincare products.

Instead of water, the pure juice of the wild Aloe Anmaris is used, which offers the extraordinary positive ability to store moisture. Essences rich with lively substances from blossoms, leaves or seeds of the Evening Primrose, Calendula or Echinacea, depending on the blend, have an intense treating or skin strengthening effect. Hyaluron, Vitamin E, Liposomes and Ceramides are extracted exclusively from high quality raw materials of natural origin such as soy oil, not genetically engineered. vleur face creams and serums contain a specially high concentration of liposomes, hyaluron and ceramide 3.

The combination of the individual products increases the effects to a high extent and leads to optimal treatment results: Your skin gets visibly smoother, perceptibly vitalized and sustainably strengthened. The result is a bright complexion.

We are committed to meet the highest demands. Most of the products are bio-certified; all of them are skin-tested and, of course, free of any synthetic colors, aromas and preservatives. They only contain natural emulsifiers and surfactants mild to the skin. Only products with an organic content of at least 95% are awarded the Cosmebio symbol - Products with the Vegan symbol do not contain any animal substances.

vleur Organic Cosmetics Anti-Aging