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Stellame - Feel Healthy & Detox

Stellame - Feel Healthy & Detox


Digestive disorders and lack of energy - your powerful helper

1 packet contains: 14 foot pads, 14 adhesive strips

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Digestive disorders - lack of energy - The STELLA ME FEEL HEALTHY & DETOX PADS - green tea one week - are considered the pads for the healthy middle.

They contain Green Tea, which has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. They have an additional diuretic effect and promote a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

Also, the new ingredient Mugwort has been added: this helps in case of nausea and strengthens the gastrointestinal area.

The 60% Tourmaline concentration has an infrared effect on the human body. Additional ingredients such as Bamboo Vinegar and Agaricus Mushroom have a cleansing and strengthening effect on the immune system. Chitosan is considered ideal for absorbing toxins and forms a membrane to protect the skin.

Recommanded for:
- digestive disorders
- lack of energy

Detoxing - as simple as that:
Just place the pads under your feet before you go to sleep. The detox pads enfold their full therapeutic effect over night, helping your body to regenerate and autonomously discharge all negative substances through your feet. They are based on a formula derived from traditional Chinese medicine, which only makes use of herbs and other natural ingredients. 


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The pads work through the night. They turn a dark colour and are saturated with the nightly excretions that they absorbed. The adhesive film with the pads should be removed after a night’s sleep. Any adhesive residue can be removed during your morning shower. You can now enjoy a fresh, detoxified start to your day!

The application can be used just once or up to 30 days in a row. This period can vary, depending on your physical condition and sense of well-being.

Turmalin, Green Tea, Bamboo Vinegar Extracts, Peppermint, Houttuynia Cordata, Agaricus Mushroom, Eucalyptus Leaves, Chitin, Mugwort, Chitin, Loquat

100% natural and high-quality substances

Not suitable for pregnant women. FDA-certified.

Stella Me footpads contain various ingredients that produce their effect via the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet overnight. The body thus goes through a natural overnight regeneration process, repairing itself and retaining well being. Using the night as a relaxing detox phase for the body is simple and very effective. Stellame pads support this process.

The pads come in different mixes that can be used to suit the many different needs depending on the person’s physical condition.

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