Algologie Sensi Plus Caresse Day Cream 50ml

    Algologie Sensi Plus - Caress Day Cream


    Day cream for sensitive skin

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    The ALGOLOGIE Sensi Plus Crème Caresse (Caress Day Cream) is a moisturizing day cream, especially for dry and sensitive skin. It gives her special protection against external attacks.

    The ingredients have a calming effect and reduce the risk of skin reactions. The high-quality plant extracts prevent moisture loss, soothe the skin and restore the skin's natural protective layer. 

    The cream contains, among other things, Corn Oil, Chamomile, Brown Algae, a Couperose Complex, Calendula (marigold) and Vitamin B5. The Couperose Complex (100% vegetable) reduces capillary permeability while containing remarkable anti-aging elements. Skin redness and skin irritations are reduced - your skin becomes supple and has a smooth, radiant complexion!

    This Caress Day Cream has a gentle texture that is well absorbed by the skin. The UVA and UVB filters protect the skin from the sun.

    Respect for your skin:
    - more than 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin
    - Algologie has the ECOCERT certificate and makes the commitment not to use any parabens, silicones, mineral oils, phthalates, propylene glycols, PEG.

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    Tagescreme auf das zuvor gereinigte Gesicht auftragen.
    Morgens und bei Bedarf auch abends (als nährende Nachtcrème) anwendbar.

    Trockene, empfindliche Haut.

    für die trockene, empfindliche Haut

    macht die Haut geschmeidig
    schützt die Haut vor Umwelteinflüssen
    reduziert die Kapillar-Durchlässigkeit
    mindert Rötungen und Hautirritationen
    glatter, gleichmässiger, strahlender Teint
    mit Algo3- und Couperose Komplexe
    mit Pflanzenextrakten
    auch als nährende Nachtcrème verwendbar

    Algo3 Complex, Laminaria Ochroleuca, Maisöl, Kamille, Kornblume, Calendula-Extrakte, Vitamin B5, Couperose Komplex

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