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Natural Dental Care - Organic & Vegan!

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You want a bright smile? This is possible with the vegan dental care products from SANTE Naturkosmetik. With a proven dental and oral care program for children and adults SANTE allows natural dental care to the latest scientific knowledge.

SANTE attaches importance to gentle dental care with traditional recipes of herbal cosmetics and pure herbal ingredients. To meet all needs, SANTE offers fluoride-based dental care and fluoride-free dental gel.

Vegan dental care effectively protects against plaque and caries

With a formula of soothing lead ingredients such as organic sage extracts and organic green tea extracts, toothpastes from SANTE clean particularly thoroughly and gently. The purely natural ingredients have an anti-inflammatory effect and promote natural wound healing in the mouth.

The use of SANTE dental care is also suitable for pain-sensitive teeth: toothpaste and dental gel without fluoride care gently and form a natural protective coating around the tooth. Gums and teeth are treated with mineral cleansers without attacking the enamel.

Dental Care

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