REF Vegan Hair Styling

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REF Vegan Hair Styling - 100% vegan hair styling from Sweden

The innovative, Swedish brand REF is all about natural beauty. The strong connection to nature, which strongly characterizes life in Sweden, can also be found in the REF products.

Simplicity, sustainability and quality - these values are reflected in the high-quality products from REF, which are made from a mix of natural ingredients combined with the latest technologies in the beauty industry.

REF offers you professional hair products from care and styling to permanent and semi-permanent hair colors.

Unique Number System :
It'is used on all REF styling products. It easily defines and highlights the level of Hold, Shine and Volume the product adds to your hair style. How much Hold? How much Shine? How much Volume? This system enables you to find your specific reference.

REF Hair Styling Products:
- Hair care only with ingredients that are 100% vegan
- with strengthening quinoa protein on a plant basis
- paraben-free, sulphate-free, gluten-free, microplastic-free, mineral oil-free
- cruelty-free: no animal testing

REF Vegan Hair Styling

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