REF Vegan Hair Care

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REF Vegan Hair Care - 100% vegan hair care from Sweden

The innovative, Swedish brand REF is all about natural beauty. The strong connection to nature, which strongly characterizes life in Sweden, can also be found in the REF products.

Simplicity, sustainability and quality - these values are reflected in the high-quality products from REF, which are made from a mix of natural ingredients combined with the latest technologies in the beauty industry.

REF offers you professional hair products from care and styling to permanent and semi-permanent hair colors.

Unique color preservation system:
Hand-picked sunflower seed oil with protective and repairing effects is used as a natural UV filter and strengthens the hair color for long-lasting color reflections and shine - even with high UVA / UVB radiation.

REF hair products:
- hair care only with ingredients that are 100% vegan
- with strengthening quinoa protein on a plant basis
- no silicones, parabens and sulfates
- gluten-free, microplastic-free, mineral oil-free
- cruelty-free: no animal testing
- no alcohol

REF Vegan Hair Care

Active filters

REF Colour Boost Masque

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