Solid Soap Cherry Blossom Body Bar

Solid Soap Cherry Blossom Body Bar

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Whole body solid soap - gently, sweet-fruity

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Solid Whole-body Soap Cherry Blossom Body Bar with 12% moisturizing is the perfect care for normal skin, dry skin and all skin types.

A popular scent of delicate cherry blossoms accompanies the gently, sweet-fruity scented Body Bar, which cleanses and nourishes your body with valuable Coconut Oil and fine Clay.

Cherry blossom scent Sakura
A delicate scent of cherry blossoms for a refreshing shower experience.

Valuable coconut oil
Gentle cleansing and intensive care for supple skin.

3-in-1 whole body soap – all in one:
Cleansing - gently removes impurities from the skin.
Body lotion - intensive care for a supple skin feeling.
Antiperspirant - effectively protects against unpleasant odors all day long.

Environmentally friendly and economical
Protects the environment by reducing individual products.
Saves money by needing only one product for different care needs.

Swiss Made

110g fresh weight

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Specific References

dry skin | normal skin | all skin types

from the age of 4

Coconut oil
for a soft and smooth skin feeling with cooling and deodorizing effects.

Castor oil
stimulates the skin's collagen production - ensures healthy and elastic connective tissue.

Olive oil
moisturizes and supports the healthy cell function of the skin.

Shea butter
provides irritated, stressed and barrier-impaired skin with plenty of moisture and makes it soft.

cleanses and regenerates the skin without drying it out.

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