White Perfection

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White Perfection - naturally against the signs of aging

With advancing age, the epidermis becomes thinner, the metabolism changes, cell renewal slows down. Also sebum formation and the ability to supply moisture decrease. The result? The skin becomes thinner and more fragile, and wrinkles form. The formation of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen is reduced, the skin loses its firmness and suppleness. There are color differences and skin spots - the signs of aging.

Mavex White Perfection presents an efficient solution to fight these degenerative processes efficiently, i.a.:

Increases the natural production of collagen and elastin by up to 175% with a visible filler, lifting, firming and replumping action.

Brightens the skin’s pigmentation induced by UV rays with an efficacy 8 times greater than that of hydroquinone.

Innovative Biomimetic Lamellar Technology
This gel of liquid crystals can trap water and active ingredients in their lamellar structure. Subsequently deliver them gradually and continuously through all the layers of the skin. This until they reach in depth the cells responsible for discolouring and dark spots, with a performance greater than ordinary cosmetic creams.

White Perfection

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