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Lip Gloss and Lip Peeling

LipBoost ® - More care and more volume for perfect lips
This innovative lip gloss nourishes and volumizes your lips at the same time. It increases the fat storage capacity and fat synthesis in the lips after just a few applications, so that smaller wrinkles around the lips are filled and more volume is built up - this makes your lips more expressive and fuller, without the need for plastic surgery. Due to the more firm structure and more elasticity of the lips, they appear noticeably fuller and more plastic. The contained vitamin E (tocopherol) is an effective antioxidant, protection against free radicals, has a moisturizing effect, improves the skin quality and provides gentle care for your lips. Frescolat ML and menthol have a refreshing and cooling effect for a pleasant feeling. In addition LipBoost contains valuable gingko-, ginseng- and vanilla extracts.

LipScrub ® - reliable and long-lasting protection
This moisturizing sugar scrub gently removes dead skin cells from the lips and pleasantly stimulates the blood circulation of the skin. Thanks to the rich ingredients, your lips become smooth, supple and silky-soft. LIPSCRUB® is also an ideal preparation for the application of LIPBOOST®!

Lip Care

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