La Perla Nera

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Reawaken Your Beauty - Extraordinary Treatment with Active Vegetal Carbon

Is your face tired, grey, dull?
Is your skin congested, storing toxins, dehydrated?
Have the signs of ageing become more visible?

Try La Perla Nera - the revolutionary professional and natural beauty treatment developed by the Mavex Laboratories in Switzerland:
1. Cleans your skin of all debris, impurities, hazardous substances and toxins from environmental pollution
2. Fights the aggressive reactions that stress your skin
3. Fights skin ageing induced by exposure to sunlight and pollution
4. Reinforces the skin’s barrier effect by activating cellular self-repair mechanisms

La Perla Nera - Reawaken your beauty and Delete the signs of ageing:
- Your skin looks immediately more luminous and younger, revitalised and invigorated
- Wrinkles and pores become less evident
- Your face will find a new freshness and its natural splendour

The secret of this extraordinary treatment is contained in a new, revolutionary dermocosmetic technology. The extraordinary power of 7 active molecules synergistically blended in an exclusive natural phytocosmetic complex with an impressive active power:

Activated Vegetal Carbon
Its powerful detoxifying action draws away damAgeing free radicals from deep within the epidermal layers.

Rattany Roots
Fights epidermal stress, has a strong repairing action.

Anti-phenolic radicals extracted from the skin of Black Grapes, Apples and Wheat Bran
Stimulate the production of collagen and cellular renewal with a delicate exfoliating, moisturising and nourishing action.

Clay minerals
Fight the degenerative processes of the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid with high and low molecular weight
Increases hydration and returns firmness and tone to mature skins.

Swiss Edelweiss Extract
Prevents the degeneration of collagen and elastin fibres; fights the formation of free radicals.

Vitamin C
Protects against the phototoxic effects of sunrays.

La Perla Nera

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