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Immun - Strengthening of the immune system

Special biotechnological ingredients of the newest generation can fight of damaging influences, support the reconstruction of the skin’s own protection mechanisms and counteract premature aging.

Dry, sensitive skin in particular has a malfunctioning protective function. Harmful substances can penetrate more easily. The skin looks reddened and often flaky and gray. IMMUN can counteract harmful substances, which particularly in sensitive skin can lead to premature skin aging. IMMUN helps the skin build up its own protective barrier against harmful environmental influences, chemical irritations and excessive UV radiation.

Skin treated with IMMUN becomes less sensitive and can protect itself better against irritating and harmful influences from the environment and caused by stress. This product line combines quick relief for irritated skin with targeted long-term effect in an optimal way to support the skin’s own self-healing function. It prevents skin damage, increases the natural resilience, re-energizes the skin, thus counteracting premature skin aging.


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