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The correct hair care for different hair types - Well hair-lo there!

According to legend, the mermaid lay on a shale rock by the Rhine in the 19th century and combed her golden hair – many Rhine mariners, dazzled by her beauty, found their deaths in the deep waters. We are sorry for the fate of these men, but at the same time, we are very sure of one thing: if the i+m Hair Care series had existed, Lorelei would absolutely have used it. Who knows, maybe she would have even moved from the Rhine to the Spree.

Hair Balm, Hair Mask, Shampoo, Conditioner - the aim of the i+m Hair Care series is to support the self-regulation of scalp and hair. The products help to restore and preserve your hair’s natural beauty. The products contain exquisite oils from Wheat Germs, Pracaxi and Hemp, as well as Chamomile, Marigold, Sage, Stinging Nettle and Horsetail extracts.

Hair Care

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