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Hair Coloring - khadi-accessories for your beauty ritual

So that you can easily use your khadi hair care and enjoy it all round, there are some high-quality khadi accessories - practical to use and beautiful to look at. The whole world of khadi hair care: cleaning, dyeing, caring - with these helpers made of high-quality natural materials, your hair care ritual will be even more fun. The khadi accessories are also ideal for dyeing hair with khadi herbal hair color. Complete your khadi products with high-quality accessories for your natural hair care.

Your daily helpers for care and beauty

Enjoy the practically pre-emulsified, creamy-foamy khadi shampoo - ready to use out of the bottle. Mix your color with a thermometer and apply your khadi herbal hair color with the absorbent hair dye brush made of natural bristles. Stow your khadi herbal hair color in the pretty, practical khadi storage tin. Explore all khadi hair colors with the khadi color fan. Enjoy your daily brushing routine with the ergonomically shaped khadi hair care brush made of walnut wood with natural bristles.

Dye hair naturally with the accessories from khadi

Of course coloring hair with khadi herbal hair color is very easy. The khadi hair coloring accessories will help you find the right color for you, store your hair color correctly and achieve your ideal hair color.

With the khadi color fan you can determine your ideal herbal hair color shade. In the color fan you will see all khadi herbal hair colors shades - blonde, brown, red and black - on different starting hair colors. So you can see immediately what color you want.

Once you have found your ideal herbal hair color or have planned a mixture of different colors, you can store your hair color in the decorative khadi storage tin. With the decorative khadi box you have a nice and safe storage for your khadi herbal hair colors. Enjoy their many uses: the double closure offers reliable protection from light and moisture. In the khadi box you can also mix your individual herbal hair color shade excellently. With their 200 g capacity, your color mixtures or color powder supplies are not only safe to store, but also easier to dose.

With the digital and analog thermometer, you can ideally mix your plant hair color. The thermometers help you to stir the water to the ideal temperature before you touch your paint.

You can easily and precisely apply your khadi herbal hair color with the khadi hair dye brush made of real natural bristles. The strong, yet gentle bristles ensure a rich and particularly even application of your khadi plant hair color. Thanks to the wide and exceptionally absorbent bristles, you can also easily apply the color paste to larger areas. The natural natural bristles have the ability to absorb a lot of color paste and then release it gently and evenly.

Hair Coloration - Accessories

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