khadi Ayurvedic Detox Hair Mask

khadi Ayurvedic Detox Hair Mask


Thorough deep cleansing and color pre-treatment for every hair

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KHADI AYURVEDIC DETOX HAIR MASK offers the perfect deep cleansing for all hair and scalp types.

Feel the cleansing power of Rhassoul and Reetha:
as a hair mask or as a perfect pre-treatment before your first coloration with khadi Natural Hair Colors. Rhassoul removes dandruff and stubborn residue. Reetha clears the pores and protects your scalp. The Detox Hair Mask is also a very effective pre-treatment for your coloration with khadi Natural Hair Colors.

The Detox Mask works completely natural. As soon as the mask is mixed with water it swells up and turns into a slightly gel-like consistency. Its effective, natural ingredients rhassoul and reetha will leave your hair deeply clean and perfectly prepared for your coloration with khadi Natural Hair Colors.

The khadi Detox Hair Mask does not contain synthetic additives such as sulfates and surfactants. It is 100% vegan and detoxifies your hair. Whether you use it as hair mask from time to time or as a pre-treatment before coloration, the khadi Detox Hair Mask has an impressive, intensive effect!

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cleanses thoroughly, yet gently with rhassoul and reetha
removes build up and residues
the perfect pre-treatment before coloring with khadi Natural Hair Color
cares with minerals and trace elements
100% free of synthetic ingredients such as sulfates and surfactants
100% natural, vegan and detoxifies your hair

Applying the khadi Detox Hair Mask is very simple:

Mix three to six tablespoons of the Detox Hair Mask with about twice the amount of warm water in a glass or plastic bowl. Please do not use a metal spoons or bowls to mix your hair mask. Contact with metal could affect the mineral structure of rhassoul.

Stir the mask to make a smooth paste. Let the mask swell until it reaches the consistency of a cream.

Apply the Detox Hair Mask with your fingers or a brush from the roots to your tips and let it soak in for 20 to 30 minutes. The longer it works, the deeper it purifies. Since the active ingredients are very highly concentrated, 20 minutes are enough for sensitive scalp.

Rinse the hair care thoroughly with clear water.

rhassoul, reetha

Moroccan Lava Clay, Sappindus Mukorossi Fruit Powder

For all hair and scalp types.

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