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Gold of Morocco - Wonderful hair with Argan Oil

Argan Oil is so precious and special for your hair and skin.

The precious argan oil that is also referred to as "liquid gold" for this reason, is pressed from the seeds of the argania tree fruit. This being one of the oldest trees in the world. The treet that has the name "Argania" now only grows in a small Moroccan region. In 1998, the UNESCO declared this area in southwest Morocco a biospere reserve in order to protect it against the progressing deforestation.

The cultivation and processing is the responsibility of regional farmers. A part of the sales proceeds from the argan oil in Gold of Morocco benefits a caritable organisation in the Sousse area. This organisation supports diverse projects such as school education and the supply of water and electricity to isolated communities and schools, in addition to women and family care projects.

The oil from the argania almonds is cold-pressed. This means that the vitamins and the unsaturated fatty acids are retained. Argan oil contains a high dose of a nutrient complex. That supplies antioxidants, essential fatty acids and a high proportion of vitamin E.

Argan oil tackles the 10 most frequent hair problems:
- fine, thin hair is not weighted.
- regenerates and cares for dyed hair.
- fragile, brittle and stressed hair becomes stronger.
- provides the skin and hair with moisture in addition to protecting it from drying out.
- protects sensitive scalps.
- thick, wild and grey hair becomes supple.
- provides dull and feeble hair with new suppleness and silkiness.
- provides straight hair with structure and silkiness.
- revives, hydrogenates and unravels hair extensions and wigs.

The argania fruits are cultivated without the use of artificial manure, pesticides, hormones and genetic engineering. This ensures the extraordinary quality of the argan oil.

Gold of Morocco