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Soothing care for sensitive skin prone to allergies - Simply let yourself go!

Our skin is not just our largest organ, it is also extremely delicate – it is not allergy sufferers alone who often suffer sensitive reactions to the everyday influences in our environment. i+m Naturkosmetik Freistil Sensitiv has proved itself for over 16 years, with a formula specially tailored to the needs of sensitive skin. Perfume-free, irritant-free and without any essential oils, the care range for the whole body has also repeatedly impressed consumer magazine Öko-Test.

Evening Primrose Oil makes a beneficial contribution towards protecting the sensitive skin from external influences: the skin’s protective barrier and the cell metabolism are supported, boosting the natural self-regulation of the skin. Existing irritations are alleviated by Sea Buckthorn Oil. At the same time, skin hydration is improved by four active substances: Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid provide intensive moisturisation, while organic oils made from Jojoba and Almond guard against the skin dehydrating again.

Freistil Sensitiv

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