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Face Care with Khadi - Natural facial care for a radiant complexion

Cleanse, cream, pamper yourself: Enjoy your daily beauty ritual with khadi facial care. Cleanse your skin deeply, gently and sustainably.

The face masks, oils and Co. provide you with valuable herbal and plant extracts from nature, which are manufactured in elaborate processes according to Ayurvedic recipes. The active ingredients are extracted very gently to preserve their healing properties. That is why they are also ideal for sensitive skin.

These natural cosmetics clarify your skin, moisturize and promote regeneration. Natural facial care - traditional and gentle - for a delicate, even and firm complexion.

khadi natural cosmetics consist of valuable herbs, plant extracts and oils. That is why the products are particularly gentle on your skin so that you can use them every day. Conventional facial care products contain synthetic ingredients that lie on your skin like a film, clog pores and disrupt the lipid coat.

Khadi face and body oil offers a gentle alternative to face creams. Developed for you according to traditional recipes from Ayurveda. As a result, the facial oil is particularly fine and quickly absorbed into the skin - the perfect basis for your make-up. khadi oil supports the natural lipid coat and moisturizes. It soothes stressed skin, relieves redness, impurities and itching and keeps your skin elastic and young. It remains supple and smooth.

The Khadi face masks clarify your skin intensively and help clean the pores and remove dead skin cells. In this way they promote an even complexion and ensure that your complexion looks radiant and fresh.

khadi face masks and oils are developed according to traditional Ayurveda recipes and manufactured them according to European quality and cosmetic standards. That is why they are certified as natural cosmetics by the independent, German Federal Association of Industry and Trade Companies (BDIH). They consist of 100% plant-based ingredients and are free from chemical additives and synthetic ingredients.

Face Care

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