CS III Collagen Stimulation

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CS III Collagen Stimulation - wrinkle reduction through the stimulation of collagen regeneration

The formation of fiber through collagen is a decisive factor in the skin appearance. Current research has detected and analyzed six different types of collagen, the most important being collagen type I and collagen type III. Collagen type III has a positive effect on the appearance of the skin complexion.

Collagen III is aimed at forming an even network, which is filled with collagen I. As the collagen III content of the skin drops with age, collagen I loses its structure, the real cause for reduced skin firmness. This results in wrinkle formation in the skin.

CS III is composed of the high-tech active ingredient ASC III, which is proven to increase the renewal of the collagen III protein. As a result, the collagen type I can be evenly distributed in the skin. Wrinkles and uneven skin structures can thus be reduced. The skin appears smoother and more supple, the contours tighter and firmer.

Klapp CS III Collagen Stimulation - the skin care for all skin types and all ages.

CS III Collagen Stimulation

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