CND Plexigel

CND Plexigel - the "Brush-in-a-Bottle Gel"

A versatile and convenient brush-in-a-bottle gel nail enhancement system that provides up to 3+ weeks of strength, length, and shape. It's also a simple and effective solution to repairing broken nails.

The system comprises four different products with the aim of making gel modeling easier and more beautiful than ever before:
1. PlexiGel Bonder as a bonding agent that anchors CND PlexiGel™ to the natural nail for secure adhesion for 3+ week wear.
2. PlexiGel Shaper is a crystal-clear brush-on gel enhancement that provides strength, protection and free-edge length to the natural nail.
3. PlexiGel Builder is a clear brush-on gel enhancement that provides strength, architecture and moderate/long length to the natural nail.
4. PlexiGel Protector Top Coat is a clear, high-gloss, protective top coat designed to complete the final layer of CND PlexiGel™ enhancements.

- Problem solver for all nail types and all professional levels
- Simple modeling from the bottle
- 3+ weeks of hold, length and shape
- Also suitable for splintering, split nails
- Even repairs cracked and broken nails
- Shapes flat nails for a perfect finish
- No lifts, no splinters
- Real high gloss and crystal clear formula
- Hardly smells
- Compatible with the well-known CND Shellac

CND Plexigel

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